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Welcome to Say of Chicago

"Kids having fun"


  Say of Chicago is celebrating their 20th Anniversary!  Join our Say Family and sign up to the best and affordable soccer recreational league in Chicago.  Season kicks off on June 14- August 16.  Games are every Tuesday and Fridays at the UIC state of the art athletic fields on 14th and Morgan.




                    2019 Registration Fees


   Ages between 3-5yrs

   Games start at 6pm

   Fields East 1-5

      $130 after May 4th


   Ages between 5-7yrs

   Games start at 6pm

   Fields East/West 1-4

    $130 after May 4th


   Ages between 7-9yrs

   Games start 7pm

   Fields East/West 1-4


    $150 after May 4th



   Ages between 9-12yrs

   Games start 8pm

   Fields East/West 1-4

    $150 after May 4th


   Ages between 12-15yrs

   Games start at 9pm

   Fields East/West 1-2


    $150 after May 4th



   SAY of Chicago is a volunteer run non-profit, educational youth soccer organization dedicated  to "Kids Having Fun". Celebrating our 19th year, we serve children from diverse backgrounds throughout the Chicago land area. Our league is divided into 5 co-ed age groups ages 3-15 playing at the UIC state of the art athletic fields.                 

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